Welcome to my web site witch is presenting the book “Our Lady’s call from Medjugorje”. Here you can find information about the author, the book translated in several languages and Medjugorje. From here you can go to other interesting sites about Medjugorje if you visit links section. I hope that you will find interesting information here and if you have any comments you can fill the contact form.
Readers say:
«The book gives a profound spiritual understanding of how God is using the Virgin Mary to reveal His will for the world today.» (The Lousville Marian Center, U.S.A.)

«Mirjana takes you into the events of Medjugorje with skilful disclosure of'inside' information...her historical introduction is fascinating. A lovely book. I enjoyed every page a'must' for everyone!» (Norma J.B., U. K.)

«It's the most beautiful book on Medjugorje; you realize that it is written by someone who knows the language, the local people, the places & events of the apparitions in first person.» (Francesco, Italy)

«The book is strong evidence of the Virgin Mary's love for each one of us.» (Wolfgang, Germany)

«Many readers here will be touched by this book.» (Nikolaj, Moscow)